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12 Things that Make us a VERY Unique Ministry

We are a unique ministry made up of very different people from across the world who are united in effort and goals and who bring to the table many different Kingdom offerings. Teshuvah Ministries is growing and many ladies are joining our team to serve alongside of us. Not only are there 4 very different people in our family (the Garvins), but there are many beautiful and unique individuals who are joining our Leadership Team! 

After a long journey we have become familiar with traveling the Narrow Path and we have been led by the Ruach ha'Kodesh into the Royal Priesthood and now we serve Yahshua as some of his Melchizedek priests –– in hopes to just SHOW you what operating as a priest might look like in today's world, so that you can do the same. Of course, we are not the end all, YHVH Elohim is. We are not your Rabbi, Yahshua is. We can not convict you of the Truth, only the Ruach ha'Kodesh can do that. But like many coming awake, we are fellow human beings who have been given eyes to see and ears to hear. 

We hope to be lights for those coming out of organized religion guiding those people into the Melchizedek Priesthood and away from false teachers. Our prayer is that Israel would have eyes to see and ears to hear –– and then have feet and hands that DO the commands of YHVH in the power of the New Melchizedek Covenant (Contract) with love and delight! :-) 

Here's 12 things that make us a very unique ministry....

(We are ehad and are best friends)

We have been married for 22 years and friends for over 35 years. We believe women and men are equally called by Rabbi Yahshua to speak, teach and/or lead. Isaac and Rebekah are happy to work together in ministry and support each other in their own unique callings for the advancement of YHVH's Kingdom. We do NOT believe in suppressing women because the woman was created to be the ezer kenegdo (the guide). The Ruach ha'Kodesh flows through women––they reflect Her. Rebekah is happy to carry the vision for ministry, speak and operate as the Executive Director of Teshuvh Ministries and Isaac is happy to advise, edit, support, build, give input & guide more quietly.

(We are like you)

We have a history most of our audiences know very little about. We have lived several lifetimes of experiences making us masters in some areas and newbies in still others. The battle rages around us; we feel pain, get tired, need encouragement and love. We have a family, responsibilities and jobs outside of leading this ministry. We too are looking for a place that feels like home, financial freedom, friends, peace and joy. But words can hurt. Rebekah has endured many "stonings" from religious people. The Messianic movement seems to attract abusive people and manners among the "body" are at an all time low! Each of us will be accountable for how we speak to each other. So, hugs are best and the right words can bring us back to life. Cyber space is hard but we believe it is a blessing at this time to force us to slow down in relationship building.

(We are gathering Truth here for the next generation)

Outside of the desire to find community for our family (the primary reason why we started going public), we view our ministry as a growing collection of da'at that our daughters and their families will be able to access at anytime in order to remember why dad and mom (and themselves) believed what they do (did). You are benefiting from our desire to create a place to collect the living waters we drink from to be living for them in the future.

Support the growth of Teshuvah Ministries and our family.

We view our ministry as a road sign. We view our website as a gateway to the places where we are collecting pearls to leave a legacy with the next generation. We do ministry in the craziest of situations! We offer YHVH everything we have everyday and pray that he is pleased with our daily sacrifices. We desire that our life be a blessing to him and you. Thank-you for stopping by and giving your financial support after you eat of our work and drink from Yahshua's Living Water that flows through us. Watch Rebekah's video on how you can give us immediate support. Click on the blue button below and you will be taken to our Partner page. Scroll down to #3 (CashApp and Paypal). Do as instructed. :-) 


(We used to be part of a man-made religion)   

Meaning we have crossed-over from the paganism of man-made religion toward the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. As we all have, we grew up inheriting lies from our forefathers. Lead by the Ruach ha'Kodesh (YHVH's Spirit) we came out of the Seventh-day Adventist world and the indoctrination we both experienced and have repented and done a 180º. We have journeyed far and have ‘crossed over the Jordan’  like Abraham did–making us Hebrews.  


(We used to be Christians)  

We are part of the Scattered 10 tribes who YHVH dispersed among the nations until the appointed time when he would call them out. The Jews belong to the Southern Kingdom (primarily made up of 2 tribes: Judah  & Benjamin). ‘Ephraim’ & ‘Israel’ are interchangeable terms referring to the Northern Kingdom (the remaining 10 tribes). Whether blood or not, it doesn’t matter there has always been an open door into Israel––and coming into Israel is the point. We have experienced the required circumcision of the heart and have responded to Yahovah from a distant land–making us Ephraimites. Completing the full circle of repentance and returning home to the land is going to be Yah's problem as the state of Israel currently doesn't not recognize anyone but Jews as being part of Israel, thus not allowing us to make alyiah and come home. See Jim Staley's Identity Crisis Video.

How did we leave man-made religion?

Yes, we were once Seventh-day Adventists. In fact, both of us were 3rd and 4th generation Adventists. We both attended SDA schools from Kindergarten through College (33 years total). But we were set free from man-made religion in our 30's –– beginning in 2003. Do you want to hear our story? Watch the Happy Hippy Hebrew Girl Show where we talk about our journey out.


(We have a personal story of loss at Yah's hand)  

We lost our home and business in the financial dive of 2008 and lived off-grid in a tipi for 4 years and survived the harsh winters of North Idaho with young daughters. We know hard. We know the wilderness intimately. We know why we were taken to the wilderness. Through it we now know who our Elohim is and who we are in relationship to him. We do not speak with empty words, but have experience to speak from.  


(We used to follow the greek 'Jesus')  

The traditional “Jesus” of Christianity is a white-western construction based on Greek thought and modern “enlightened” western philosophy. “Jesus” is not a translation of the Messiah's Hebrew name. "Yahshua” is the Hebrew son of the God of Israel. Yahshua was a Jew, an Israelite who came as a Hebrew to the Hebrews. He thought and spoke Hebrew. He read the Hebrew Torah. Those who followed him and the gospel writers were also Hebrews. Therefore, our Rabbi is the only true Messiah, the Hebrew man, Yahshua, Son of YHVH Elohim. 


(We used to keep a denominations "laws" -- man-made laws)  

There is only one everlasting Royal Law. It is found in Scripture written down in The Book of the Covenant at Exodus 19-24. To break it is death. See Rebekah's teaching on this. The Levitical Law, which was added law due to transgression of the Royal Law (that YHVH had originally made with Israel at the base of Mt. Sinai) was prescriptive law, never covenant law. Thousands of years  after Israel broke that initial Contract with YHVH -– Yahshua, his son came to bring a New "Contract" (Covenant) and be the kinsman Redeemer. This contract is superior to the first one as it comes with the Ruach ha'Kodesh (Jer. 31:31). The “New Covenant” or contract is not a new set of laws, but a new mechanism by which we are enabled to keep YHVH's everlasting Royal Law. This is the good news of the Gospel, people!

Fire. Water. Shelter. Love. What was our Wilderness time like?

We lost our business and home in the dive of 2008 and were driven to the wilderness to live in a tipi for 4 years in the middle of the snow belt of North Idaho. Papa Yah provided for us and proved us. 


(We used to keep man's calendar)  

Meaning we do not celebrate the high holy-days of Christianity (Christmas, Easter and Sunday observance) or any of the other days which have been set-apart by men to honor pagan deities. YHVH has set apart over 70 days a year for us to celebrate. These are the appointments that we keep and we do so with delight! We use the Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar (Aviv Barley and Sighted Moon) to help us live in this rhythm. There are inherent flaws in the other calendars and false teachings things like the floating lunar Sabbath and the fallacy of a sunrise-to-sunrise reckoning of a day. We keep the Seventh-day Sabbath from Friday evening to Saturday evening because a day is "evening and morning" as YHVH Elohim said and Yahshua never challenged the rabbis on when they were keeping the Shabbats. We sight the New Moon by the sliver. To demand a new moon is a dark moon falls short due to just logic... for on which days during a dark moon phase would it be considered the new moon? The sliver is the most simple and the only method by which it is possible to sight it and to follow without depending on man. See our calendar statement for more.  


(We used to work for a church)  

The plan at the time of the Exodus was for Israel to become a kingdom of Melchizedek priests to go into the world. Through Israel the whole world was to be blessed by bringing the nations into Israel and into covenant with their Creator so that they could be saved. Among many things, Yahshua came to make a way for Israel to again become his Melchizedek priests to the world. He was made the High Priest and King after the order of Melchizedek (the Melech Tzedek). Those of us who have agreed to the New Contract (Covenant) terms, are eating of Yahshua, have the indwelling of his gift--the Ruach ha'Kodesh and have made him our head (authority) are his priests to the world. We are his royal priesthood...His Melchizedek priests. Everyone who is interested in the change must get this study on it.... Back to the Melchizedek Future book.  


We are not Christians. We are not Messianics. We are not Jewish.  We do not suppress women. We do not make chaos. We are not rude. We are not religious. We are not pastors; nor are we building a "church."  We are helping make level paths for this journey out of Babylon for Scattered Israel, one person, one family and one lady at a time!  


Everyday I (Rebekah) work diligently for the King and his Kingdom to make level paths for the traveler's feet. I and my family teach through our own observance. We guide simply by our own repentance. What drives me is ...

  • My deep love for YHVH Elohim and the hope I have of getting a beautiful future
  • My daily desire to live out repentance and leave a legacy for others to follow 
  • My desire to attend the King's coronation with as many costly gifts as she can create
  • My desire for a position in the palace during the Millennial reign
  • To create an archive for daughters to consult as they establish their own homes  
  • My desire to see among Israel people who have transferred head knowledge to heart knowledge and have the endurance to stay the course.
  • My desire to teach Israel how to obey from delight not duty through my own observance and repentance.

How do we find the Calendar?

There is only one true and unchanging Biblical Calendar. We find Yah's Feast Calendar by the Aviv Barley and Sighted Moon! These are the 2 witnesses to YHVH's Head of the Year that HE has ordained for the job. The Feast of Rosh ha'Shanah will help us unpack Papa Yah's calendar.

Our biggest enemy

John Eldredge says that "forgetting is our worst enemy." No wonder YHVH said over and over again, "remember!" Israel must learn and then remember so they can DO and KEEP the New Contract. 

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