7 ways you can partner with and support Teshuvah Ministries

Below are 7 ways that you can bless others and our ministry. If our ministry has touched your life please pick a way below and act on it today! Partner with us to make simple, well lit and level paths for Scattered Israel coming out of the nations.  Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve ministry conditions. Thank you for helping us thrive!  

#1: Purchase our products

We have 3 primary places where we sell products for the Royal Priesthood. From books and t-shirts to calendar's and games...check them out and make a purchase today!

#2: Become a Patron & support Rebekah's Ezer Kenegdo Project

We're inviting you to support a new form of emancipation: setting women free from man-made religion and it's abuse! Women need to know the truth about their design and how to live in it. Your generous monthly support will allow Rebekah to focus and be more effective at this mission. Click link below and chose from different patronage levels from $12 - $1000 / month.

YES! I will support your Ezer Kenegdo Project!

#3: Give immediate help with CashApp or PayPal

Did you know that CashApp is a great way to send money quickly from your phone without any fees? Download CashApp to your phone and then use "HippyHebrewGirl" to make a donation to Teshuvah Ministries through Cash App. Or click below to donate through PayPal.Thank you so much for your support!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

#4: Give 1 women access to our Kingdom Life Coaching Program

Kingdom University has a life coaching program that is free of rabbinics and paganism. We have a growing waiting list of women who see this as crucial to their journey out of Babylon, but who need a sponsor, as they can't afford it. Some of these ladies are completely alone and they need support! Can you become a sponsor for one on our list today? Check out Rebekah's Inner Circle...or give us a call.

#5: Sponsor 1 student to take our Leadership Training Course

We are launching a leadership training course in Kingdom University in 2020! Our goal is to locate and train like-hearts  to become exceptional leaders who will serve the Scattered in Israel. Students will develop their voice, talents and find their place of service in the Royal Priesthood. They might join our leadership team and reach thousands worldwide! 

#6: Give to The Kingdom Place, CDA building fund

Our local leadership team is looking to find a place of our own in CDA, Idaho to create a safe space, free from denomination that empowers believers in Yahshua to walk as his disciples in freedom and joy of true Biblical repentance. From music, food, youth programs, events to Bible study, fun and fellowship opportunities–– our vision is to grow a happy, healthy and effective Royal Priesthood for YHVH.

#7: Bequeath Assets

We are working to incorporate Teshuvah Ministries so that people can bequest their estate or other assets to the ministry. It will be a simple few sentences that can be put in your will or living trust, stating your intention to give money or assets to Teshuvah Ministries and identify the projects within our ministry that you wish the money or assets to be spent on. Thank you so much for caring for the future of Teshuvah Ministries.

Contact us to discuss further.