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We are so thankful to the following people for supporting our ministry.

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We consider anyone who sows into our ministry –– our partners! If it wasn't for the financial support of the following people over the years we couldn't have done what we have done up until the present. 

We pray that YHVH Elohim greatly blesses our sponsors in ways that only he can! We are so very grateful for your support! 

We do this ministry full time and depend solely upon Yahovah and His Wisdom to be our Provision. If the Ruach ha'Kodesh is prompting you – please support us. Thank you! 

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Charles Mike Hill

Michelle Tafoya

Nathan Thompson

Sharmen Anderson

Dianne Davison

Amber Kenny

Shona Heatie

Jon Stutzman

Caren Linden

Melanie Palacio

Dennis Peterman

Seth Rassmussen

Dee and Mike Sexsmith

Theresa Sparr

Walter and Harid Tschope

Eileen Whatley

Yvette Zuniga



Eileen Whatley

Casey Dixon-Carnicle

Melissa Day Cox

Caren Linden

Janet Petramala

Tammy Henckel

Dianna Cowart

Joe and Vicky Cruz

Elizabeth Dalager

Wallis-Ann Davison

Rudy Dittman

Wendy Fishbourne

Catherine Fraser

Miquel Forero

Susan Hitchcock

Bob Holland (Mr. New Heart)

Tanis Irwin 

Christopher Smith

Ellie Agee

Sharmen Anderson
Kendall and Roland Burgess

Korey Bussing

Marcello Caridi

Caren Cheynoweth

Ali Liang

Ryna Kaufman

Darlene Williamson

Samantha Clough

Sally Mahar

Cindy Meneses