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4 Ways to Bless and Support Teshuvah Ministries

1. Ezer Kenegdo Project – you chose level of patronage.


Stop the religious abuse! I'm inviting you to support a new form of emancipation: setting women free from man-made religion and it's abuse! Women need to know the TRUTH! The truth about their design and how to live in it. They won't hear the truth sitting in a church pew week after week...dying inside. Your generous monthly support will allow me to focus and be effective at this mission. Chose from different patronage levels.

2. Sponsor one lady with monthly Kingdom Life Coaching support – $79/month


We have created a life coaching program at Kingdom University for those who are repenting and returning to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We need sponsors for woman who can't afford the monthly cost. We have a growing waiting list of ladies who need help to take part in Rebekah's monthly trainings and have the support for continued repentance (some of them completely alone)! Can you sponsor a lady on our list today?

3. Pay tuition for one lady to attend Rebekah's Small Group Leader Training – $225


Part of Rebekah's women's ministry is to find and train like-minded women to lead small groups of 15 women each. These small groups are formed from ladies all over the world. These small groups provide online support and fellowship to women as they leave Babylon and repent all across the world. Our small groups provide community to lonely women and support as they celebrate the Holy Days. During a 3-4 month online course, Rebekah personally trains each MOD to lead and serve the ladies in their group in a way that facilitates the groups health and each individual. At the end of the course the MOD's receive a certificate of completion. Then their small group is released in Ladies of Teshuvah for them to start their 1-year commitment in ministry! 

4. Add our ministry to your will


Add Teshuvah Ministries to your will. Contact us for more info.  


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Thank you to our Partners!

We are so thankful to the following people for supporting our ministry.

These are partners in our ministry. If it wasn't for the financial support of these people over the years we couldn't have done what we have done up till the present. 

We pray that YHVH blesses our sponsors in ways that only he can! We are so very grateful for your support! (If you have donated to our ministry and don't see your name on our list, please contact us.)

Get your name added to our list by choosing one of the ways listed below to support Teshuvah Ministries! :-)

Join us and help us thrive! Please partner with us to make simple, well lit and level paths for Scattered Israel coming out of the nations. We do this full time and depend solely upon Yahovah to be our Provision. If the Ruach ha'Kodesh is prompting you – please support us. Thank you!

Ryna Kaufman

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Eileen Whatley

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Caren Linden

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