Melchizedek Foundations

What is Repentance?

The Hebrew word, "teshuvah" means "to turn" or to "return." It means to do a 180 degree turn and do the opposite of what you were doing.

"The word Teshuvah is usually translated as repentance. ....[but actually] Teshuvah is better translated as “return” and signifies a return to the original state. –Nissan Dovid Dubov at

Repenting is a lifestyle change. Repenting will affect your entire life. From what you do during the holidays and how you treat each other to what you do in the kitchen. It will affect what you do on vacation to how you deal with school and work. Repenting is not saying "I'm sorry" and then continuing in the same patterns (sin / rebellion). Simply put: repenting is walking out change from corrected beliefs. It's making new habits that put you inline with YHVH's Royal Law (found in Ex.19-24) and Yahshua's command to Love YHVH, others and yourself.

Live like a verb! Becoming purified silver or cut to be a diamond is not a comfortable process. We all know that lifestyle changes are not easy, they affect us at our core. But they are crucial for repentance. We want to encourage you to make those necessary changes. Live your life as a verb according to THE Instructions and you will grow in holiness. Repenting is how you prepare to meet your King and Bridegroom!

Where to start? We believe a good place to start would be re-looking at the 10 commandments again. Are you worshiping another god? Do you have graven images around you? Are you saying His name? Are you keeping the weekly Shabbat? Are you honoring your Father and Mother in Heaven? Are you treating others right (ie: not murdering, not coveting, not committing adultery, not bearing false witness, not stealing etc)? And then you would need to continuing on through the Covenant (Ex.19-23) looking at the rest of the Royal Law and of course, the Melchizedek issues that were established prior Ex.19 but detailed out after Ex.24. 

We believe that where repentance is most seen is in that first commandment where YHVH commands us to "have no other gods in his face!" Celebrations are a sacrifice to a god. What holidays do you chose to offer your sacrifices to? The pagan ones? Or YHVH's? If we can't get the first commandment down how could we ever continue on with the rest of them until Ex.23? 

Begin by Repenting of Your Holidays and Turning to His Holy Days

Watch videos where Rebekah teaches about each one of Yahovah's Feasts. Her video teachings are a great introduction to the  Feasts because they are done with love, creatively and some entertainment. You will enjoy watching and learning from Rebekah as she helps the Scattered understand what Yahovah's Feasts are all about so that they (you) can repent and return to the Creator, Yahovah Elohim.

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