The Biblical Feasts in Order

Rosh ha'Shanah [Head of the Year]


Head of the Year!

Day 1 of Month 1

1st sighted moon (sliver) after the first of the wild barley is in the stage of aviv in the Land of Israel. Yah’s New Years Day.1st day of Creation (Paradise). Consider the soil of your heart and is it ready to recieve the seeds of the Spring Feasts? 

Pesach [Passover]


Yahshua was the once-for-all Sacrifice

14th day of Month 1

The WAY was made to force ha’Satan to release his claim on us. Judgment passes over us. What was set against us (Deut. 31:26) was nailed to cross (Col 2:14).Once for-all-time sacrifice (Heb.9:28) Curtain ripped. YHVH accessible again. Passover is one of the Biblical Feasts – one of Yah's Holy Days!

Chag ha'Matzot [Unleavend Bread]


Yahshua is the Bread we MUST eat of

15th -21st day of Month 1

Eat of Yahshua (John 6) to have his holiness in us – making us perfect to withstand Yah’s all consuming fire of Judgment Day. Cleanse our lives and fellowships of leaven: things and people. (1Cor. 5:7-8) One of the Biblical Feasts – one of Yah's Holy Days! The day after Passover.

The Resurrection


Death was conquered!

At the end of the weekly Shabbat (right before sunset) before First Fruits

He is "Lord of Shabbat." He raised up at the end of the weekly Shabbat during Unleavened Bread and ascended right before Shabbat 40 days later (Matt.12:8). He conquers death. It is proved that he lived an indestructible life.  

Yom ha'Bikkurim [First Fruits]


Promise of a final Fall Harvest

The day after the weekly Shabbat during Unleavened Bread

Yahshua resurrected at the end of Shabbat and 

waved himself & the 144,000 First Fruits before YHVH (Rev.14:4/1 Cor.15:23). One of the Biblical Feasts – one of Yah's Holy Days!

The Ascension


All authority given to Yahshua

The 40th day after First Fruits. Always on an Erev Shabbat (Friday evening)

He ascends to the right hand of YHVH & sits on the Throne. All authority given to him. He shares it with his royal priests. (Matt.28:18) 

Shavuot [Pentecost]


Marriage-type arrangement w Israel

The 50th day after First Fruits and confirmed by counting 7 weekly Shabbats plus 1 day.

Day that Yah entered into first contract with Israel. Day of the 2nd superior contract  established after Yahshua left. Gift came: indwelling of Ruach ha’Kodesh who moves us to obey. Empowered to walk in the Way 

(keeping the New Contract / Covenant). One of the Biblical Feasts – one of Yah's Holy Days!

Yom Teruah [Feast of Trumpets]


The King returns to claim His Bride

Day 1 of Month 7

When the King returns, resurrects and rescues his betrothed and takes her to Heaven for the fulfillment of the Fall Feasts. We practice watching for his return by looking for this 7th New Moon. He comes as King (Heb.9:28) and brings his Melchizedek administration. One of the Biblical Feasts – one of Yah's Holy Days!

Yom Kippur [Day of Atonement]


The court in Heaven is open

Day 10 of Month 7

When legal rulings are made. When Yahshua was transfigured and made High Priest of the  New Order. Judgment Day. The redeemed have their sin obliterated and formally get 

Yahovah’s “family name.” Get our aquittal stone. We practice repenting for Israel. One of the Biblical Feasts – one of Yah's Holy Days!

Sukkot [Tabernacles]


Bride and Groom live together

5 days after Yom Kippur (15th-21st day of Month 7. Goes for 8 days.

Yahshua was born on the 1st High Shabbat of Sukkot. 7 days = 7 millenniums. He reigns in 7th millennium. Israel and the King return to Earth to live and rule together until all is under 

his feet. We practice living together now. Feast is for the 70 nations. He rules! One of the Biblical Feasts – one of Yah's Holy Days!

Shemini Atzeret [Last Great Day]


Papa Yahovah restores Paradise

Day 8 of Sukkot

All is made new in 8th Millenium (not all new things). New Jerusalem decends and Yahovah’s dwelling is now with his people, Israel. We practice lingering 1 more day with our Beloved after all the nations have gone. A new time! Yahshua was circumcised on this High Shabbat. One of the Biblical Feasts – one of Yah's Holy Days!

Chanukah [Feast of Dedication]


Hearts are cleansed and re-dedicated

Starts on the 25th day of Month 9. Goes for 8 days.

Israel’s hearts are cleansed of idolatry and

re-dedicated back to being a temple for only Yahovah. We practice being light. The Light of the World was conceived in Miriam

on the last day of Chanukah! 



Prepare to meet the King

The 14th and 15th day of Month 12

We ask the Ruach ha’Kodesh what dress pleases the King and then wear that (white

dress of righteousness (Yah’s right doings)! We 

consider what kind of splendor Yah wants us to wear so that he can show us off to the nations. We practice coming before our King. This is one of the Hebrew Holidays that is for all Israel.

Rosh Chodesh [New Moon]


Sight the New Moon monthly rhythm

The observable sliver after it's dark phase

Consider his Provision that has been poured out throughout the month. Practice observing and watching the sky for his signs.Not a Shabbat. Does not start a new week cycle. Observable sliver moon. Renewed in him. We reflect his light. 

Shabbat [Sabbath]


Rest on the 7th day weekly rhythm

The 7th day of each week (Saturday) and also the 7 annual High Shabbats that fall on different days of the week.

The commanded Rest we are to take in the middle of work not done. A reminder that we have been set free of the taskmasters. The

sign of betrothal / royalty. Friday evening to Saturday evening. Rest and no usual work.  Time to remember Creation and our Creator and who we are. One of the Biblical Feasts – one of Yah's Holy Days!

Rebekah's rhythm graph for the Feasts. Feasts are shown in linear rhythm including major points.

The Biblical Feasts

The Feasts are Important for Many Reasons

"Three times thou shalt keep a feast unto me in the year. Thou shalt keep the feast of unleavened bread: (thou shalt eat unleavened bread seven days, as I commanded thee, in the time appointed of the month Abib; for in it thou camest out from Egypt: and none shall appear before me empty:) And  the feast of harvest, the firstfruits of thy labours, which thou hast sown in the field: and the feast of ingathering, which is in the end of  the year, when thou hast gathered in thy labours out of the field. Three times in the year all thy males shall appear before Yahovah your Elohim." 

Ex.5:14-17 (Lev. 23:1-3)

  • The Biblical Feasts are PROPHETIC and are "shadow pictures of good things to come" – Michael Rood

  • The Biblical Feasts are NOT JEWISH HOLIDAYS, but are the Hebrew Holidays of YHVH'S for His people, ALL of Israel!

  • The Biblical Feasts are Yahovah's LESSON PLAN for Israel to study throughout the year (if we all studied the Feasts throughout the year we would all be on the same page. We wouldn't feel like we needed the man-made parsha.)
  • The Biblical Feasts are THE RHYTHM by which we are to live
  • The Biblical Feasts are Israel's "holidays" (HOLY DAYS)
  • The Biblical Feasts TELL THE STORY of the Plan of Redemption
  • The Biblical Feasts GIVE HOPE
  • The Biblical Feasts REMIND US who Yahovah Elohim is and what They are up to
  • The Biblical Feasts KEEP US FOCUSED on Yahovah
  • The Biblical Feasts are A SIGN OF OUR ALIGNMENT WITH Yahovah our Elohim and our being in covenant with him

Melchizedek priests are called to DO the Royal (Melchizedek) Law. This is part of our "good works" Yahshua told us to do so everyone could see and praise Yahovah in heaven (Matt.5:14-15). A huge part of the Melchizedek Law and repenting is ditching the pagan holy days and turning (teshuvah) to  embracing the rhythm of Yahovah's Mo'edim, the Biblical Feasts and Festivals! We believe this is where the rubber of repentance hits the road, is most seen and will cost you the most.

But we must learn HOW to celebrate the mo'edim. There are many great teachers who preach ABOUT the mo'edim or the Feasts of the Lord, but there are not very many teachers who are teaching HOW to actually do the mo'edim. Learning about and celebrating (or rehearsing) them are two totally different things. One might become convinced through a teaching to observe the mo'edim, but then the question becomes: "how exactly do I do that?" How does one actually transform information into delight and bring the rhythm into our homes or and into our communities? 

A head full of knowledge does not give anyone the right to bust into the Most Holy place and begin to operate as a priest. We must be trained. First in the outer court, then moving to the Holy Place –– then to the  Most Holy place.* There is a process to learning how to be a priest: LEARN.LIVE.TELL.

First, we must LEARN about Yahovah's ways and his rhythm (da'at), then we LIVE in it (repentance and ye'da). Then (and only then) are we ready to TELL others about the rhythm ("fishing for men" / the Great Commission). To  get LEARN.LIVE.TELL. out of order causes chaos, leads others astray and  makes your work ineffective for the King!

We hope, by our example and through our teachings, to give people permission to explore the Feasts of Yahweh with delight (Isaiah 58:14). Teshuvah Ministries is passionate about hosting Yah's Mo'edim in a manner that invites all the senses into the experience––with the goal of impressing Yah's ways on our children and in their hearts so they always remember him (Deut. 6:7)! Our observance is our repentance. 

Rebekah is available to speak at your Mo'edim event. Contact her. 

*Thanks to Dianne Davison for her vision of  how the tabernacle shows us the pattern by which we are trained and  pointing this out to me.

Biblical Feasts Workshops for Women

Rebekah is seeking woman to host or attend her Ladies of Teshuvah Workshop where she talks more in depth about the Feasts and trains ladies to walk in rhythm with YHVH's  Feasts. 

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