Who We Have Learned From

We have been asked who taught us, what books we’ve read and what video teachings we’ve seen that have influenced our walk. We are happy to share. These are teachers whom we have gleaned from as we have journeyed out of Babylon (and yes, we have read or watched all of these and more). Please know that we can only recommend the specific teachings we’ve linked here––not absolutely all things from all of these teachers. It's called gleaning. And please remember that some of these were EARLY ON in our walk and now we have a deeper and clearer understanding of the Story than the authors knew at the time. But I am so thankful for these people. They have greatly influenced our walk into the heart of Yahovah Elohim. And of course, there are lots of other people we have read individual articles from that we have noted in our books and articles that are not listed.

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Sydney Cleveland

John Eldredge

Waking the Dead - Book
Wild at Heart - Book
Journey of Desire - Book
The Sacred Romance - Book
Epic - Book and DVD
The Utter Relief of Holiness - Audio CD’s
Desire - LIVE - Audio CD’s
The Four Streams - Audio CD’s
The Good Heart - Audio CD’s
The Hope of Prayer - Audio CD’s
How Not to Lose Heart - Audio CD’s
Beautiful Outlaw - Book
Fathered by God - DVD

John and Staci Eldredge

Captivating - Book

Ransomed Heart Ministries: Boot Camp / Advanced / Captivating

Frank Viola


The only teacher that has ALL Truth was and is Rabbi Yahshua. To assume that a teacher who has been given special understanding in one aspect of YHVH’s Kingdom is an expert on all aspects is heading down a dangerous path––both for the seeker and the teacher. Therefore, we believe that YHVH anoints certain people with revelation and understanding on topics of YHVH’s choosing, but that He doesn’t anoint that same person to speak with authority on every subject. Carefully consider and discern the difference between that which a teacher has been anointed to preach and that which they are just offering their opinion on. No teacher listed above has all Truth. We submit their name with our suggestion as to what their expertise and assignment is. We also want to suggest that it is hard on the heart to constantly be looking for the next best teaching on a Torah or Kingdom subject and to continually be open to every new teaching that comes along on that same subject. Study for a time, divide the truth, let the Ruach ha'Kodesh guide you and then make a decision. Commit to it, own it and really live it out. We hope our list helps you see the unique assignment and anointing of each of these teachers. 


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