Go through our Leadership Course and then apply to become a volunteer!

As Teshuvah Ministries grows it will need more help. Therefore, we are creating a Leadership Course at Kingdom Univeristy that will be available Spring of 2020. If you would like to volunteer at Teshuvah Ministries you'll need to take this course. You can also become a student sponsor. Please click this blue button to sponsor someone on our waiting list to attend our Leadership Training Course. When it takes you to our Partner page scroll down to #5 and click on that PayPal donate button to finish your sponsorship. Watch Rebekah's video about becoming a sponsor of a student here.


Volunteer Positions

All volunteers come from those who complete our Leadership Training Course at Kingdom University. The course will not only help you gain leadership skills that will be applicable anywhere, but you will have time to discover your abilities, talents and hone in your voice. The course includes a Bible study course in our core beliefs and a course in our work place culture and values to make sure unity between us is a good fit. Of course, this course will benefit you even if you don't end up volunteering at Teshuvah Ministries. 

Register for the course and then let's see how we can work together for King, Yahshua! Course is $225. Check with us to see if sponsorships for this course are available for you. Contact us and let us know who you are and how you envision yourself serving beside us. Thank you!