Drawing a line in the sand

Something was done away with at the cross. The question is, what was this change, what remains and how does it affect us today? You need this revelation. Will you give us a chance to show you this change to the Royal / Melchizedek priesthood? 

Shalom shalom!

Welcome, Scattered Israel!

The new website is launched! Do you like it? If so, please send us a comment! If something isn't working let us know that too. Thanks!

This is our ministry to you! There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us and the Melchizedek Priesthood and mindset. We hope you take a moment to drop us a note about your exit out of Babylon and what glorious things YHVH Elohim has accomplished in your life! :-) 

With the help of the Ruach ha'Kodesh we are in willing bond-servant service to YHVH and his son, King Yahshua, our High Priest in the order of the Melech Tzedek! Isaac, Rebekah, Maggie and Hadassah

Next Up on YHVH's Calendar: The Fall Feasts

The Fall Feasts are absolutely amazing! They are profound in depth; they reveal more about the plan of Salvation and what is going to happen at the End of the Age. Yahshua will be fulfilling these to the day and hour! You must prepare for his return by getting in sync with the true Holy Days. 

But are you prepared to celebrate them with a Melchizedek mindset? We have a complete instruction guide for you: The Fall Feast Handbook, by Rebekah Garvin. Feasts covered in this packed handbook are Yom Teruah (Feast of Trumpets), Yom  Kippur (Day of Atonement), Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) and Shemini  Atzeret (the Last Great Day). 

In this handbook are pages and pages of great teachings, celebration ideas, recipes, personal notes and pictures from the Garvin family's celebrations to inspire you! And don't forget –– this huge spiral bound book teaches about the Feasts from the Melchizedek perspective. There is no other book on the market like it! Get yours now!

Quote of the year

"There are 2 ditches you must avoid at all costs! Christianity and Judaism."

– Rebekah Qara' bat Yahovah

Places to visit and grow as a Kingdom person



Rebekah loves to teach in person at the Feasts. She also teaches at local and national seminars for women. Contact her to see if she is available to teach at your Sukkot.


We script, film, edit and upload teaching and inspirational videos at an astonishing rate for a hungry audience considering that they are produced in entirety by only this one family.


We are developing our online social media presence in Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook with weekly posts and offerings to try to find and gather people Yah is waking up.


Rebekah has developed a safe online support for women who are turning to repent at all costs. She personally trains her growing leadership team to help serve her audience.


Take advantage of the only Melchizedek Priesthood-minded Master Level Kingdom Life Coaching Program on the planet! Total truth, totally clean and rabbinics / new age free! 


Rebekah will drop everything to talk on the phone to a lady who needs encouragement. She has spent countless hours empowering a woman to get clarity and find the path. 


We write, edit, design and publish books through our Starlight Publishing company. Books are available through Lulu.com and Amazon.com. 


We have and are continuing to develop our online courses at Kingdom University.  Our student base comes from all over the world and is growing into a community.


We plan, host, advertise, decorate and execute amazing Feast events from a Melchizedek mindset for the King. From set up and hosting to tear down. This is our forte'. 

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